When is the best time to start buying gear for your baby?



Congratulations, you’re having a baby!!



The first temptation is to rush out and start purchasing lots of adorable items for your baby, but is it the right time?

There is no right or wrong time to start buying everything you need for your baby, however most people wait until they have reached their second trimester to make a start on these purchases.

Pregnancy is exciting and planning for your baby’s arrival including choosing all the adorable things you want to buy is all part of that excitement.



When to start buying your baby gear.



Resist the temptation to rush out and start buying everything you need for baby when you first find out you are pregnant, instead use your time to research everything on the market and shortlist items which you love and fit with your lifestyle.



Some things to consider when choosing your baby gear:


• How much space do you have at home?

• What gifts will you receive from friends and family?

• What the sex of your baby will be? 

• What is your budget?

• How big is your car? Will the pushchair fit in the boot?

• Will you need additional items such as a travel buggy or a smaller buggy for when Grandparents are helping with childcare?


A lot of people are superstitious about buying anything for baby in the first few weeks. Of course it is completely your personal choice but we recommend using this time to budget and research.


In your first trimester if you do wish to do some baby related shopping we recommend the following:


• A pregnancy related journal to record your pregnancy journey.

• Some pregnancy vitamins.

• A waistband expander for your jeans

• A pregnancy planner to give you information and help on getting through each trimester.



We suggest you start to make your main purchases after your 20 weeks scan. You may have decided to find out the sex of your baby at this scan to make buying for baby easier.


Here is our advice for items to start purchasing as you transition into your second trimester:


Pram and pushchair including accessories and changing bag.

Nursery furniture such as cot, wardrobe, changing table.

Crib, co-sleeper or moses basket

Group 0+ Car Seat

• Baby bouncer


Choosing a pram and pushchair can be daunting, there are may different brands on the market. Make sure you choose one which suits your lifestyle and will fit in your car! You definitely don’t need the expense of having to change your car during your pregnancy!


Make sure it is easy to use and folds small enough to fit in your house and car. Ensure that it is suitable from birth if you don’t intend to use a carrycot. It is essential that your baby is laid flat in the early months to help with organ growth and oxygen de-saturation.



Things to buy in your third trimester.


Once you have made your larger purchases its time to start with the smaller items. Don’t buy too many newborn size clothes, your friends and family will buy gifts for the birth and your baby will grow out of them quickly!


Our tips for items to buy in your third trimester:


• Blankets.

• Changing mattress.

Sheets and sleep sacks – remember to buy the right sleep sack tog for the time of year.

• Muslin squares and bibs.

Essentials such as nappies, wipes and baby toiletries. Choose an organic range of toiletries which will be kind to your baby’s skin.

• A few newborn toys.

• Playmat.

• Clothing including baby’s vests and sleep suits.

• All your hospital bag requirements including items such as breast pads, nursing bra, maternity pads, toiletries etc.

• Baby towel.

Baby Monitor.

Hauck Face to me 2 bedside crib

Try to ensure you have all of your purchases made by the middle of your third trimester so you have time to have some important relax time before baby arrives.



If however you are due in the next couple of months and you still have outstanding baby gear to purchase, take a look at our products. Everything you see on our website is in stock now and available for delivery within 2 to 3 days. Shop now



Here at Kindora we are passionate about sustainability and the environment. That’s why we carefully select our product range from premium brands and distributors only taking overstock and end of line products. And remember! When you have finished with your baby gear you can come back and sell through us so your items can be loved by another family, helping us all look after the environment for our children’s future.


Happy Shopping!