What is Kindora?

Kindora is a curated marketplace for pre-loved babies’ and children’s goods. We buy, sell and rent premium items – from cots and strollers to nursery furniture and toys. We meticulously clean and screen every item before you receive it, so that for the first time you can buy and rent pre-loved with as much peace of mind as you buy new. More peace of mind in fact – because you know you’re getting the best for your little one, and you’re also doing the right thing for your little one’s favourite planet.

How Kindora works…

Choose what you need from our marketplace. Once you buy, we’ll get the item from the seller and bring it to our workshop. Here it undergoes our meticulous cleaning and screening process – for example on a pram everything gets taken apart, deep-cleaned and safety-checked, reassembled and tested. And everybody’s favourite step: your better-than-new item is delivered to your door.

(When you make a purchase, we’ll give you a more detailed breakdown of this process that’s particular to your item, and of course a delivery date.)

We rent a small range of premium items, which we know parents may not be able to or may not want to buy outright  – smart cots, for example. These items are owned by Kindora and are separate from our marketplace stock. We buy them new, and we keep them in perfect condition. These items are available to rent by the month (for practical reasons, a minimum rental period of three months applies to most items).

Before you do a thing, have a look in the FAQs at our “what we sell and what we don’t” list. And if you’re not sure whether your item suits, just pop us a message. 

If your item is suitable for Kindora, yay! Now you simply add it to our marketplace. You’ll find simple guidelines for your description and your images here, and we’ll happily help with both. 

Your listing won’t go live on Kindora until we’ve approved it – that’s usually very quick.

Once a buyer chooses your item, we’ll give you a choice of ways to get it to us. And once your buyer receives your item, we’ll send your payment straight to your bank account.

How are we impacting the planet?

Every item you buy, rent or sell on Kindora is one item less added to the mountain range of new goods manufactured each year. We’re not preachy or unrealistic about this – there are lots of things you’ll want to buy brand new for your little one. But there are quite a few items which are just as good (or better) second time round. These are premium items, skillfully made, with great materials. They’re built to last, but often they’ve served their purpose in just a few months.


Buying a pre-loved pram saves the equivalent of over 1000 disposable coffee cups in waste. This gives you an idea of how many different materials go into everyday items like this. And each material requires all kinds of other invisible resources in the manufacturing – for example, making a single tyre for one wheel, uses up about 42 litres of water. It doesn’t bear thinking about – and when you join the Kindora community you can think about it a lot less!